meet the Paschall family

the dad: Sam. pastor, intellect, surfer, cal poly alumni, 7 year grad student, uses big words, loves him a good new book in one hand and delicious drink in the other, and best dad in the world.
the mom: Anjuli. wanna be photographer, enjoys a little celebrity gossip, loves her a good cookie, always gets lost, will someday be a runner, doesn't like camping, and proud mommy of 2 boys.
the eldest: Manoah. strong, hilarious, dancer, mad skills with an iphone, athletic, a ladys man, get his amazing voice from his daddy and good looks from his mommy.
the second: Samuel. happy, good little sleeper, loves to crawl, eat and poop. big ole hazel eyes, and a drop dead gorgeous smile.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

hello and goodbye

this is a season of saying goodbye in the Paschall household. Last week Nana Paschall moved to Oregon. We already miss Nana, but know we will see her soon (and my boys can't wait to see Mitz, Nana's dog). The boys love chasing that little dog and pulling her hair. I'm not sure if Mitz is as fond of my boys as they are of her. We did say hello to the Winter Olympics with friends, family, hamburgers (an American meal :)) and wearing red, white, and blue. We are also packing up 460 east 6th ave and moving across town. We have LOVED living here. This is the house of our dreams and maybe someday we might live in a house this beautiful again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

back into blogging...

i've always given my mom a hard time about not having any pictures of me. i am the youngest of 4 girls. my oldest sister has like 18 albums filed with baby pictures and i think i have 1 (not album) but baby picture. I'm not sure if i even existed from birth to 6 yrs old because i have no pictures to confirm it. but now after having 2 little boys i have forgiven my mom for not documenting my life. so here is my feeble attempt to start documenting our lives. i might only post once a year, but at least i am back in the game.